Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Way to well-being

Every human being is interested in well-being; it is just that the scale with which people are looking at life may be different. For one person, well-being may mean just his personal well-being, for another it may mean him and his family and for somebody else it may be the whole world.

One feels well when one is happy. Even if you happen to be medically ill, if you are happy, in your experience you are still well. So, well-being essentially means a certain level of pleasantness within you. If you become pleasant in your body, we call this health; if you become very pleasant we call it pleasure. If you become pleasant in your mind, we call this peace; if you become very pleasant, we call this joy. If you become pleasant in your emotion, we call this love. If you become pleasant in your life energies, we call this bliss; if you become very pleasant we call this ecstasy. When it comes to outside pleasantness, it depends on many people and nobody can achieve this 100%; outside situations are always variable. But with the inside situation there is only one ingredient and that's you. At least within you what you want must happen. In your body, mind, emotion and life energies, if who you are is happening the way you want, you would keep yourself utterly pleasant and blissful every moment of your life. To bring about this pleasantness within you is most important because it is only when you are feeling truly blissful and absolutely pleasant within yourself that your body and mind function at their highest potential.

Your success on this planet essentially depends on your ability to use your physical body and your mind to their full potential. If your work or what you are doing is important, the first and foremost thing is, you must work upon yourself because that is the basis of everything that we do.

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