Monday, December 27, 2010

Conversation with God

We are the luckiest. We have the biggest fortune to have been born as human beings. We have a way to commune with God. Animals cannot worship, meditate or commune with Him. Humans are endowed with all special divine qualities as love, faith, devotion and prayer. The only problem is that these qualities and the all-powerful soul are covered by veils of delusion.

The second fortune is to have a Master or guru; he, as an embodiment of God, shows us our true self, teaches us to meditate and how to commune with the Lord. If we are devoted and faithful and allow ourselves to be guided by the guru, we experience a sea change in us. He teaches us with love how to converse with our biggest friend---the Lord. We can engage ourselves in endless conversations with Him, pour our hearts out to Him; He is a patient listener and a loving one, too. He is so near us, within each cell of our body, mind and soul, He resides within the inner depths of our being and so easy to talk to.

God is so close to us, nearer than our own heartbeat, closer than anyone else in this world. When our thoughts are stilled, we are calm and peaceful, when the rigmarole of life refuses to affect us; God listens to all our prayers; whatever we say is portrayed easily and clearly to Him.

Just as the reflection of the moon is clear in still waters, whereas its image is distorted in disturbed water; similarly when we have a barrage of thoughts and endless worries in our minds, then our contact with God is faulty and broken. To renew the link with which we have been born, to re-establish our rapport with loving God, all we have to do is purely love Him. When we love only Him with all our heart and soul, He cannot stand the separation with us and He comes with His entire kingdom!

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