Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year steps

There is a saying that "God created the tail of the goat according to its capacity" i.e. Only that kind of problem will come which is within your capacity to handle. So, when faced with difficult times, don't panic. Be Like water that overcomes all obstacles and moves on.

See your problem as small compared to others'. When a problem appears small, you are able to solve it.
Remember other people face harder times than what you are facing.

Serve others who have bigger problems. Don't prolong a problem by thinking about it all the time.

Become a part the solution. Look back and see that past problems had vanished. Invoke the valour in you and keep your mind peaceful in all situations. Everything else will be taken care of.

You are forgetting a strength in you ­ Prayer and power of your Sankalpa (positive intention). Prayer is feeling the helplessness and asking for God`s help, because the Divine belongs to the weak. That's why He is called Deenabandhuthe friend, relative and redeemer of the weak, meek, powerless and helpless.

Remember that nature loves you, God loves you; there is always an unseen hand working for you in difficult times. Have faith that whenever you are in trouble, you will always be helped.

When a farmer sifts his grain through a broad sieve, all the grains fall down to the ground while the mere husk simply flies away in the air. Similarly, if your faith is shaken quickly or often, then you are akin to the flying husk lost and anchorless. But if your love, faith, and belief are deep-rooted, then things will move on their own.

Bad times will come and go. If a room is dark for 20 years, it doesn't take another 20 years to bring light in. It just needs one connection, one switch on and the whole darkness goes away.

Establish this knowledge, "I am blessed, I can overcome" firmly in life, and surrender to the Divine. It can help you surmount any obstacle.

Try to take these steps in New Year and you will see that things are getting better and  life has suddenly became so wonderful.... HAVE A BLASTING NEW YEAR 2011 TO ALL OF YOU.

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