Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good living norms

On fine morning as I was awaiting the thud of the newspaper, I closed my eyes and wondered at the marvel of engineering that went into the creation of species called humans.

I mused, a fool makes a simple thing complex troubling himself and others. But a genius tries to simplify a complex matter, thereby giving a positive response to a negative situation.

Life is becoming complicated and there is a lot of struggle for existence. The routine is strenuous, at times unbearable. Yet, living has to be simple, fulfilling and wholesome.

There are ways to it.

Anchoring to one's roots is essential to return to a life without hassles. A person has to have a life philosophy.

Full faith in one's deity and patience are called for. Genial family with teamwork spirit and fairness is another source of support.

Life has to be steady and not just for partying and fast club life. If we be good and do good, we look beautiful and become a pleasure to deal with. Nourishing the soul's attributes of charm, cheer and charity result in miracles.

Life is about nurturing enduring friendship for reliance and smooth sailing.
Alertness is needed for one's wellness that includes physical, mental and emotional health. The health component makes sure that you don't look your age.

Time consciousness is significant as time lost cannot be regained. At home or at work, doing something or the other all the while goes to one's credit. A busy person is a happy person and there is no room for negativity to creep in. Angularities get rounded off that ensures longevity.

“Better indeed is knowledge than mechanical practice. Better than knowledge is meditation. But better still is surrender of attachment to results, because there follows immediate peace“ (Bhagvad Gita 12.12). Inner and outer peace leads to prosperity.

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