Friday, December 17, 2010

The beauty within

Inner beauty is what matters in life. We all want it but do nothing about it. I had a few hours of thinking over inner beauty recently as I got to read a booklet on the subject.

Titled Inner Beauty, the book tells one how to rekindle one's beauty inherent in one's consciousness. Thirty qualities that could make inner beauty have been listed.
Courage, patience, serenity, contentment, cheerfulness, determination, gentleness, flexibility, humility, mercy, purity of mind and heart, simplicity, truthfulness and wisdom are some of the elements listed.

Of all these, what impressed me most was a chapter on introversion. It starts with a statement that it is the meeting point between beauty and plainness. It is when on the outside there is only love and warmth, but inside there is wisdom and perception. Outside, there are relationships with a few, but inside a relationship with the world. Similarly, outside, there is concern for the present, but inside there is awareness for the future. In other words, introversion is like the door which divides the inside from the outside.

Introversion is also total involvement with whatever one does for the good of others. It is participation in a manner that leads to progress and happiness in one's and others' lives. It is speaking with love and peace, walking with humility and showering of pure love.

Introversion begins when one, instead of staying within, chooses to venture out and see what and how one can do for the good of others.

Introversion is the point when the `night' ends and all “windows and doors are flung open“. And it is the time when privacy and individuality are thrown to the wind. It is a unique period of sharing and growing and enjoying together. A time when the virtue that introversion has protected will be poured into a common source of joy and heralds the path to heaven.

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