Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Are you sleeping enough?

Lack of sleep can cause numerous health problems

Adequate sleep is extremely crucial for healthy and normal functioning of your body. Sleep in good quantity and quality is essential for physical, mental and emotional well being. It gives the desired rest and recharges the mind and body. Sleep has important homeostatic functions.

Sleep and heart have a close relation both scientifically and emotionally. The emotional relationship has been exploited in music and songs.

In an adult, the average sleep time is usually seven to eight hours and disturbed sleep is most unwelcome as it can have adverse effects on the functioning of various body systems particularly the heart and the brain.

The 24 x 7 lifestyle has relegated sleep to a secondary level of importance since humans have made a conscious decision to sacrifice sleep for completion of their tasks. The amount of sleep that a person needs to function in a normal manner depends on several factors, including age. Infants sleep most of the day (about 16 hours); teenagers usually need about nine hours a day; and adults need an average of seven to eight hours a day. Although older adults require about as much sleep as younger adults, they usually sleep for shorter periods and spend less time in deep stages of sleep. About 50 per cent of adults over the age of 65 have some type of sleep disorder, although it is not clear whether this is a normal part of aging or a result of other factors, such as medications that are commonly used by older people. In most cases, sleep disorders can be easily managed once they are properly diagnosed. Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder. It occurs more often in women and in the elderly.

Chronic sleep deprivation can have adverse effects on heart, blood pressure and metabolic functions resulting in hypertension, heart attacks, diabetes and stomach-related disorders like indigestion and hyperacidity. Chronic sleep deprivation also causes and/or aggravates snoring which is a prominent symptom of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

OSA is a common sleep disorder. OSA is characterised by repetitive closure of pharynx (a part of upper airway) in sleep causing lowering of oxygen concentrations in sleep. Low oxygen results in rise in blood pressure, rise in heart rate, irregular heart beating and release of stress hormones. The chief complaints in patients of OSA are snoring and daytime sleepiness and tiredness. Increase in body weight also occurs which may be difficult to lose in spite of exercises. OSA can affect both obese and non-obese individuals.

To overcome daytime sleepiness they may consume tobacco, smoke cigarettes or consume excess tea/ coffee, which is again harmful. Patients of OSA are at risk of developing high blood pressure, heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, stroke, obesity and dementia. Management of OSA is highly rewarding since it not only treats the sleep complaint but also the associated disorders are better managed. Oxygen is the basic requirement of body cells and if this is lacking, be in sleep only, needs to be treated. The basic needs of life- Roti, Kapda aur Makaan (food, clothes and shelter), needs to be rewritten as Oxygen, Roti, Kapda aur Makaan.

Did you know?
There are more than 70 different sleep disorders, which are generally classified into three categories: lack of sleep (e.g, insomnia), disturbed sleep (e.g., obstructive sleep apnea), and excessive sleep (e.g., narcolepsy).

Friday, August 26, 2011

सिर्फ एक कहानी हूँ मैं

अगर रख सको तो एक निशानी हूँ मैं,
खो दो तो सिर्फ एक कहानी हूँ मैं ,

रोक पाए न जिसको ये सारी दुनिया,
वोह एक बूँद आँख का पानी हूँ मैं........
सबको प्यार देने की आदत है हमें,
अपनी अलग पहचान बनाने की आदत है हमे,

कितना भी गहरा जख्म दे कोई,
उतना ही ज्यादा मुस्कराने की आदत है हमें...

इस अजनबी दुनिया में अकेल ख्वाब हूँ मैं,
सवालो से खफा छोटा सा जवाब हूँ मैं,

जो समझ न सके मुझे, उनके लिए "कौन"
जो समझ गए उनके लिए खुली किताब हूँ मैं,

आँख से देखोगे तो खुश पाओगे,
दिल से पूछोगे तो दर्द का सैलाब हूँ मैं,

अगर रख सको तो एक निशानी हूँ मैं,
खो दो तो सिर्फ एक कहानी हूँ मैं......

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Never Give Up

We human beings are facing many problems these days, many of them devastating. And there is a tendency to simply turn on the news and read about these problems without reflecting on how they can make a difference in their lives. The reality is that there are solutions to every problem. We must look outside our small window of solutions.

The ups and downs make our life more meaningful and strong; indeed they are part and parcel of our life. One who has traveled on the uneven roads only will be able to realize the worth of the even roads. Therefore, one should never bow down easily. Life is a great teacher.

Every day is day of learning. Disappointments, problems and failures will be cornering us but if there is a sunset, let us not forget there is sunrise too.

Jerry, a famous businessman, was sad and looked deeply disturbed. He incurred a huge loss in his business.He hated life. He could not imagine a life in an abject poverty and an utter hopelessness. He hoped for a spark or ray that would redeem him from the misery of life he was in but it seemed very hard. With a heavy heart, he was walking on the seashore with the intention of suicide.

There, he saw a few children of the fisher folk making a house with sand. As he looked at them so admiringly, suddenly a big wave washed away their sand house. He was upset and sad for the children but they remained calm and composed.

“Children, you must have been disappointed that your beautiful house is washed away“ he said. “O, we cannot predict how far this wave would reach and this is a third time it has washed away our house“ said a boy; and another said, “Come on, we shall build our house there and the wave may not reach there.“ This remark brought a ray of life in his life; his morale went high. His self-confidence was boosted.

He walked back home happily. He learnt one thing: Never give up.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I've been living a lie!!

I know You think I'm crazy when I open the floodgates to my mind to the world.I heard what you said when I left something precious for something I believed in.Perhaps, the feeling that I've been living a lie is the creepiest I've been through. I thought I was an integral part of something and then it dawned I was not. I was just living a Lie. How could I be so stupid? 

Naah you're not the only one, every one has a fair share of stupidity  to contribute to the world.

I thought that I am cared for but again the truth didn't betray me for long.I somehow know I've been looking for happiness outside and that is when I stopped looking inwards.Trust me nothing is more stressful for a human than when their goals are tied to the approval of others.I seem brave enough to be free to you but somewhere deep inside I know I'm tied too. In Distrust I trust.

Let's not bullshit each other.Do you think I bought everything just because I loved it, half-true.I wanted the stuff that will be "a huge middle finger to each one of you."

I have started living in a world where most feedback I get is bullshit. The compliments mean nothing--the happiness they used to bring, that's just a passe to me. I don't know why but these days I tend to dismiss the genuine compliments I get in all the areas (work, personality, sense of humor, creativity) because it has started getting lumped in with the same counterfeit flattery I've been getting through.

The sound of a song I have known for years, flooded the emotional gates.A burst of emotion and tears left the gates of my eyes. 

I know you would hate me after you get a taste of my truth. But isn't it somewhat yours too?

You're similar to me, and hopefully we'll both eventually learn that everyone has a sad story to tell, despite how two-dimensionally stupid or sadistic others may seem. Like they say, life is suffering.

If you're hurt after getting a bitter taste of my truth,I'd not tell you how genuinely sorry I'm for being the awful Me and will be the better Me I'd ever love to be.

Not because I'm too arrogant to be sorry. Because, I have just realized that how badly I've been wounded all this while living a lie.

For now, I'd sign off from here and will take charge of my life with the only truth I figured out for myself~

Happiness comes from nothing, so think of nothing to bring you happiness.