Friday, December 17, 2010

The way to meditate

Meditation aims at achieving calmness, peace and silence through a conscious psychophysical process. The process as well as the outcome takes us to the root of our existence, the essence of which is consciousness and unblemished bliss.
It is an advanced yogic method of self-realisation and it takes one through a progressive path to ultimate attainment. At each step, we undergo revelation. It involves cultivation of calmness, concentration, serenity and increasing awareness of self and surroundings beyond the din and bustle of worldly disturbances and turmoil.

Meditation adds meaning and significance to life and fights stress, but very few bother to practice it. The reasons are not very far to seek.

First, it requires strong willpower and an inner urge to meditate. Laziness and lack of determination keep us away from it. We are required to give it the requisite priority and adopt the habit of starting it now. If we postpone it for tomorrow, that tomorrow may never come. Secondly, it calls for faith or intuitive awareness of the presence of eternal cosmic principles or super power which fulfills our sincere efforts. If the same is missing one has to introspect and analyse the purpose of human life and existence. When the mind is silenced the intuition speaks and inner voice whispers. Egotism and intellectual arrogance prohibit peace and silence.

It takes time to gain any good thing in life. Hence patience is a must. We should not crave for instant result.

A beginner is always baffled as to how to start meditation. Right action and virtuous living prepares the foundation. But some practice must follow. One way is to sit comfortably in relaxed position with spine erect and breathe in and breathe out.

This develops concentration and preparation for watching the mind. When mind becomes one-pointed after continuous watch, it is withdrawn from the five senses and fixed on silence. When the body-mind complex is totally silenced with practice and divine wisdom inner peace and silence emerge from within.

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