Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The truth of reality

As someone had said so beautifully, the purpose of life is a life of purpose. Are we honest enough to realise this?

The reality is, pardon the pun, we are not aware of the truth of reality. No wonder, we keep on wondering and cursing others and our own fate for our problems.

That is how and why we keep on receiving debilitating knocks in life ­ the price we pay for our careless attitude over the seriousness of life and its purpose. No use we rue our misfortune of having fallen in deep trouble.

In the words of M. Scott Peck, author of spiritual growth books, one can never have peace of mind and spiritual progress until one is dedicated to the truth. 

One must realize that truth alone is the reality; and reality alone is the foundation for progress in life's journey.

One who can face the reality has a different and positive vision of life and the world.

For such a person, the painful negotiations in life become a joy-ride. Seeing and accepting the realities of life is like going on a journey with a perfect map that takes you across to your destination with ease. But a life full of illusions is like going around with a wrong kind of map that keeps your destination elusive forever.

Most of us choose to ignore the realities of life because of our “escapist“ attitude. We don't realize that we can never escape from the reality.

Life, as someone wrote to me last week, is a great journey, but it does not come with a map. One has to work out a flawless map and adhere to it.

And then, as you go along the track of life, the world changes with great rapidity and that makes your `map' redundant.

You will need to redraw the map that conforms to the worldly reality. Or else, the reality will elude you and your mission in life will remain woefully unfulfilled. And hence a great chance of having a triumphant exit will be lost!

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