Monday, March 7, 2011

Secrets to a long-lasting relationships

Here are six secrets to a long-lasting relationship. 

Yes, relationships do last for years. Are you wondering how? How is it that two people are together, are true to each other and are in love for decades? Here are a few tips...

1.) Be honest, always. This is a basic need for any relationship to survive. You just have to trust your partner and let him/her believe that they can trust you.

2.) Accept your partner as he/she is. Yes no one is perfect. Some of us are sloppy. Some of us are perpetually late, some are just too obsessive compulsive about things. You should just accept the person for who they are.

3.) When you are wrong, admit it. Arguing that you are always right is not right at all. Be brave enough to admit you are not.

4.) Talk about your problems to your partner. Sit down with your partner and talk about anything that is bothering you. This will strengthen your relationship and bring you together.

5.) Be independently happy. Of course you love him/her. But you should not rely on your partner always for everything.

6.) Choose your arguments wisely. Yes, this holds in every relationship. Words can really hurt people and you should be very careful when you are arguing

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