Thursday, March 17, 2011

Suffering is glorious

It may sound weird, but at times suffering has its purifying and sublime effects on our psyche and behavior and brings more sobriety and maturity. Suffering has self-healing and self-correcting effect which enriches and lends resilience.

More often than not we are crestfallen at tragedies such as untimely bereavements in the family, or when one is afflicted with a life threatening disease or meets with an accident or loses a job etc. Such occurrences plunge us into despondency and depression.

It requires fortitude and forbearance to overcome such tragedies. It is easier to counsel others, but very difficult to emerge out of such traumas. But life has to go on as Shakespeare said all the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players. One can get solace in the filtered wisdom of seers and saints that “what cannot be cured must be endured“. At times one is driven to selfdestruction out of deep dejec tion. Should one take away life, the greatest gift of God?

Even suffering has its brighter side for its helps develop empathy for fellow sufferers. We often do not know how others live. We are least concerned how others live for we do not experience the same trauma and to some degree and depth.

Empathy is very important in human life. Some times under the influence of power, position, name and fame people tend to loose touch with the ground reality Suffering thus sheds one's false sense of arrogance and vanity, and brings sanity.

During bad times, perhap surrender to the Almighty could be an option. This is n escapism, but a realistic approach. A communion wit God unburdens you and liberates you. He is the ultimate arbiter, his invisible hand takes us on the right trajectory. It is difficult to unravel the mystery of his design, suffice to say his acts are aimed at deliverance.

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