Friday, January 21, 2011

With change comes creativity. Welcome it

Creativity and change are closely related as they depend on each other.

When change take place in your life, it takes creativity to get through it. Creativity, then, causes another change in how you respond to a given situation. Both, the new change and the creativity to handle it, have certain risks involved leading to a new direction. You may experience fear and anxiety; and at the same time, there may be joy and excitement.

At times, these changes can occur too rapidly in a short span of time. The loss of tradition in one's life and too much of newness can lead one to a nervous breakdown. There are certain limits to one's ability to bounce back.

Humans tend to act contrary to nature's will. And then there are personal changes like marriage, children and the loss of one's dear ones etc. that require a great deal of creativity to carry on with life.

Women especially have to be highly creative to deal with the problems these life changes bring about. They are the ones often in charge of most of the developments occurring in a family.

In such cases, one has to not only get adjusted to the new developments but has to reevaluate one's entire life and go for drastic changes.

One has to reinvent oneself.

It is here that creativity is the key to making it through this kind of trauma.

Actually, one should reinvent one's life on a daily basis so that one does not get into a depression. Your ability to creatively deal with the situation at hand will determine your success or failure.

One way is to see whether you could do better by moving to another place. One must understand that it is change that opens up new opportunities. History tells us that those who could invent great things were those who were desperately in need of them. That is why it is said that necessity is the mother of invention. All great inventors had turned to their individual creativity for resolution.

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