Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fix a bad relationship

Remember that falling in love is not a one-way ticket to a life long bond. Love is work in progress, you have to choose to love your spouse every single day, no matter what the situation is.

1.)  Most couples are unable to sort out their differences as they do not communicate. Talk to your partner, even if you know it will lead to an argument. Choose a private place and a time when you can discuss your issues without interruptions.

2.) Stick to this rule. No matter what the fight is about, no name calling will be allowed. Also refrain from references to past history and cheap shots during the argument. Stick to the issue at hand.

3.) Listen to your spouse attentively without interruption. Pay attention to the voice, the emotions behind the words and body language. Do not try to change those feelings or offer solutions, just hear them out.

4.) This is a golden rule to live by. Don't ever go to bed angry at each other. Call a truce before bedtime. Most things look much better in the morning.

5.) Take action. Do something every day that shows your spouse how much you love him/her. The gesture will definitely be appreciated and reciprocated.

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