Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Way to God(Supreme Power)

Once Lakshmana asked Ram, " Brother, how amazing it is that such a wise man like Vasishtha wept bitterly at the death of his son." Rama said, " Brother, he who has knowledge must also have ignorance. He who is aware of light is also aware of darkness and Brahma is beyond knowledge and ignorance, virtue and vice, merit and demerit, cleanliness and uncleanliness."

He said, "This world is superimposed upon Brahman and we can "see" the "world" and not Brahman. The same is the case when we see a rope as snake. In essence, the rope is real but our ignorance makes us see it as a snake. Brahma is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. It is eternal, ever blissful and pure consciousness. It is the very essence of everything but our ignorance sees the world, not Brahma. It is by going beyond the knowledge and ignorance only one can realise God.

The unwavering conviction that God alone dwells in all beings is knowledge and to know him intimately is a richer knowledge. When a thorn gets into one's foot, we need a second thorn to take it out and when it is out, we throw away both the thorns.
In the same way, one has to procure the thorn of knowledge to remove the thorn of ignorance, and then one must set aside both knowledge and ignorance and try to realise God, as God is beyond both knowledge and ignorance.

God is in us but we are not conscious of it because of ignorance. The more one becomes pure, the more one feels the tangible and living presence of God within. God visits the inward man. But, most of us are extroverts. We are so captivated by the outside world that we cease to be inward in our outlook.

No extrovert can hope to get spiritual bliss. To get spiritual bliss, one has to become an introvert. One can be extrovert for carrying out his day to day dealings, but along with it he must be introvert to reach perfection.

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