Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life's acid test

I have been a very stupid person and trusted each and every person who came into my life. I always saw the world with rose-tinted glasses and believed in one and all.

After being back-stabbed twice by close friends, I realized you need to be prudent in judging people and not everyone could be worthy of your trust.

I still remember the person who actually made me believe that I have been such a big ninny to trust him.
After two bitter experiences, I thought its time I don't trust everyone and not to be like a child and running after nothings.

I pulled up my socks, made selective friends and trusted only selected people.

When I faced the betrayal, it was the worst phase of my life; as when your trust breaks, it seems like the end of the world. To overcome it, I said to myself,“ You cheat me once, shame on you; you cheat me twice, shame on me.“ Then I made one saying the bookmark of my life, “Forgive but don't forget the name“. It's really true, one should definitely forgive as life is too short for holding the grudge but don't forget the name so that you don't give that person the authority to cheat you again.

Sometime such incidents happen to teach one of us and make us a better person and make us realise our own worth.

The day that friend of mine betrayed me, I actually realised my worth and thought he wasn't actually worth trusting. We become strong and mature with such incidents. It is rightly said with every problem there is a hidden opportunity, so always try to figure out that opportunity.

Life teaches us in many ways and if things go wrong, remember nothing can get worse than this. It's time for
things to get better and you have learnt your lesson and things will fall in place on their own. Have faith and belief in God.

Trust yourself and life will be filled with colors of rainbow once again.

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