Friday, April 1, 2011

Love with detachment

Most of the people I know believe that there can't be any love without attachment. Yes, to some extent that is true if we have to interact with others. For most of us, real love does not exist as normally it is full of selfish motives. Maybe, attachment can also be categorized in three ways. Sattvic attachment is that which is devoid of selfish motive, like that of mother for her child.

Rajasik contains self-interest but is harmless for others but can turn into hate if the person does not act according to one's will. Tamsic is attachment is lust, infatuation, greed and craving for something at the cost of others.

The essence of life is that there is no harm in getting attached but one must be prepared to get detached at a moment's notice. The secret of life is to remain attached outwardly but be detached inwardly like a father playing snake and ladder with his son.

Both are about to win but father shows agitation outside but is cool from inside.

Rama left Ayodhya within 12 hours without a second thought and never looked back, Krishna was supposed to be very much attached with the Gopis of Vrandavan but once he left Vrandavan, he never went there again.

This reminds me of two instances. A man's son had gone abroad and was to return for a short holiday with his wife and child after five years. The man was very excited. When his son with family came out, the son told him that they have decided to go to his in-law's place in Gurgaon since the house there is more comfortable. The man was shocked and went back home and had a heart attack. That is attachment.

On the contrary, one fine morning a retired man's son informed him that he got married and is leaving for the States for a few years. The parents sent them all the blessings and told him that they were always available to him and he could always come back to them in the hour of need.

That is love with detachment.

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