Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The curse of anger

Anger blinds us and we see what is not. It disables our ability to judge correctly and we do things for which we repent a lifetime.

The Buddha says: “Slay anger and you will be happy/ With anger slain, one weeps no more.“ An angry man is an ugly man with peace and happiness miles away. Despite all the comforts he may have, he can't sleep; despite his wealth, he is poor. Filled with anger, he hurts others by acts of body and speech.

Each one of us tends to get angry over the slightest issue or irritant. Some one has hurt you or your near and dear ones. Someone has caused you or your dear ones material loss.

Someone has not behaved well with you or your near and dear ones. And you get furious and do things only a mad person can do.

True, all of us don't react in anger and make a counterattack. The more sensible of us would like to “pass off“ such cases as not our problem, but the problem of the person causing it. One must change the way of looking at such incidents and convince one's self that the other person is in trouble and needs your love, not hatred. One must adopt a philosophy of life that is based on Brownian thought, “Good to forgive, best to forget.“

And who had said that you have to be “little“ to be “belittled.“ How true! If you try to rise above the “base feelings“, you would be at a level no mud can reach you. No insult or harm can come your way.

Remember, the good and the noble will not harm you, and the rest are already “too belittled.“

Plato had said in beautiful words, “He who commits injustice is ever made more wretched than he who suffers it.“

In other words, it is all in our hands to keep ourselves free of the brute and the insane.

Only you, and not any other, can be your deadliest enemy if you fail to control your senses.

The enemy lurks within; you must be sensible enough to tame it.

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