Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wish everything was labeled with an Expiration Date!!

You always wish you'd never be in the same situation again but sometimes you just land up there. The equation doesn't change just the variables do. I wrote this note more to myself about a year ago and today I feel that when you land up in the same situation your courage fails you. It definitely hurts to be hurt but there comes a moment when pain fails to hurt and it feels good.  This is what I infer from the difficulty I have when talking about the pain. My fingers start to hesitate at the keys even as I write the words here. Today when I was going through this note again it seems it failed to inspire me. It failed to work on me as it did the last time when I wrote this. I'm guessing that even notes or feelings come with an expiry date. But still I didn't feel like trashing this one as it may work for someone else !

I know baby you're scared 
but atleast you dared 
Don't worry ,if you put in at the wrong places 
trust the milleau ov face 
Not every one would disgrace 

Let me show you, it can be easy 
If you just let it be 
Nothing is promised, but I believe if 
If you give it everything, trust 

Trust and someone would really live upto it 
and you'd know whom you could rely every bit 

You know we got a lot 
Not evrybody will stab you with a knife 
I know you've seen a lot of things in your life 
It got you feeling like this can't be right 
But, this is not right 
Don't let the darkness abrogate light 

Put the trust in right places 
and you would see a sea of faces 
If you give it everything,you'd get trust
Trust every soul and not everyone would let you down.

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