Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Conclusions are wrong

When it comes to God, you have been told to believe, but nobody told you to explore divinity. Without being touched by an experience, believing something is not going to transform you.

Suppose from the day you were born, if I kept telling you my little finger is God, if I show you my little finger, divine emotions will come within you. If I teach you that my little finger is the devil, if I show you my little finger, terror will arise within you.

This is the nature of your mind.

Whatever you make out of the mind is of no true significance. As a device, yes, but in the ultimate sense it does not mean anything, because it may take one shape today and another shape tomorrow.

The mind is fluid, you can make anything out of it.

The intellect is just a survival tool, a limited aspect of your life. Survival is essential, but not fulfilling. If you want to go into the deeper dimensions of life, first you need the necessary instruments. Right now you experience life with just sense organs ­ by seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling. With these, you can't know anything beyond the physical. You can't measure the depth of the ocean with a foot scale. That is what is happening with people. They are approaching the deeper dimensions of life without the necessary instruments. So they jump to wrong conclusions.

People are eager to jump to conclusions because without a conclusion, they have no substance of their own.
What you call as `myself,' that person or that personality is just a bundle of conclusions that you have made about life.

But whatever conclusion you have made, you are bound to be wrong because life does not fit into any conclusion that you make. The moment you make a conclusion, you have stopped your growth; you have stopped and destroyed the possibilities of life.

When you dare to exist without any conclusions, willing to exist as just a small particle of this existence, then you will know the limitlessness of the existence.

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