Thursday, February 3, 2011

Resources are enough, just utilise them

In this fast forward life, where we press the button `Play' once, we forget to put it on a small pause. We forget to realise that life is too short and we cannot ask for the extension of our days here.
So, won't it be worthwhile if we sustain ourselves with the resources that we are bestowed with. Two days ago, my mother told me something that struck my mind.
She asked why we have two ears and two eyes and just one mouth. I found it a little humorous as she explained that God had a design. He gave us two ears to listen more and two eyes to see more. He gave us one mouth to speak less. The point is that he has given us the resources that one needs to be a gracious person. If we listen more to what people say and if we see more to gain a refined experience and speak less when and what is required, won't we be more successful in creating a better world?
Life is small, and we have to insert our best part and participate with the best utilisation of the resources that God has provided us with. Most of us fail in achieving our goals or end up hurting people. The reason is that we use our mouth most often. Ask yourself what is the fun in giving the ears a rest. They are born to listen as much as they can.
The eyes play a more essential role than just seeing. They are responsible to see and then revise what you saw and that marks the level and the strength of your experiences. A rich man isn't the one who has a whole book of currency notes, he is the one who is enriched enough to make an honest utilisation of his resources and senses.
So, let us make an effort to take out a little time from the ever busy everyday routine and create a change by noticing the need for the little things that go unnoticed every day.

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